I. Embrace certainty and it gives you the illusion of control over one future. Embrace uncertainty and it gives you myriads of possibilities the future holds. We believe in uncertainty. We believe in futures.

II. To cooperate means to join forces to reach individual goals. To collaborate means to act independently under a shared vision. We're tired of cooperation. We're hungry for collaboration.

III. To love your job means to be defined by what you do. To love your life means to be defined by how you think.

IV. To aim for success means to defy failure. We don't want to succeed. We want to try. We want to fail. Then try again. Fail again. Fail better.

V. To work in a niche means to become an expert through everyday routines. We believe in hybridity to emancipate from quality to in-between qualities.

VI. Economically important innovations are defined by their inclusiveness. Therefore innovations are developed through participation and exchange.

VII. Industry for us is not a vertical structure. For us its a terrain of crossing domains (culture, technology and economy). A power-house for the trade of skill, diligence and zeal.

VIII. To design is the „thinging“ of an artefact, defined by the various „things“ created during the process and not judged by the closed end-product.

IX. Fantasy is part of reality.

X. An estate is not something to posses, it gives the opportunity for hospitality. We see an estate as unregulated space that offers common ground for guests and hosts to welcoming whomever or whatever.
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